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    Unhappy 96 GTX Carb Troubles

    Hey everyone so I replaced the fuel lines on my 96 they had stock tempo lines that were killing the internal filters. So I also bought a rebuild kit for the carbs since I was going to have to pull them to clean the filters. Jump forward two weeks and now I have the kit installed problem is that its not even idling. It spikes 1000rpm up and down and if you don't hold the throttle at least a little bit it just stalls out. It seems like it gets fuel sometimes but not other causing the really rough idle it jumps between 900 and 2k. I also believe its loading up because after about 20sec of holding the same position on throttle it starts to gradually fall of and die.

    I have replaced all parts in the carb that I could replace except one of the slow speed needle is stuck I can get it out even with pb blaster.

    the springs that were in it before I removed them where dull silver almost look like Stainless steel. I installed the Black springs because the had a higher pop off

    one of them popped off at 23psi and the other 27psi. Not sure if this is my problem or not

    I should also mention that this was starting on a trailer not in the water

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    Took it apart again and found a o ring missing I did not remove it so it must have been lost by the stealership oh well put the old needles and springs back in and its back up and running smooth. popoff is the same on both now and no problems at all

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