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    Ultra 150 bottom case blown

    OK, so its not real bad, just a 1/2~1" by 3" hole in the lower case. I plan on welding it.
    Question is, does anyone have a good download service manual. This is the second 150 I have owned, I just want to make sure this goes back together better than it came apart.
    I never had to split the cases on the last one.
    Any advice, tips, etc. would help. Flyin by te seat of my pants with no bottom end experience on this!
    I gather from the damage that happened, exhaust gasket blown, it hydrolocked, broke a skirt, skirt lodged between the crank and case....and whamo!
    The crank actually feels good, hell it still ran "once the case gave way".
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    Well its back together and took is out on the first run last night.
    Took a while to get the crank back.....3 weeks.Click image for larger version. 

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    Oh, that hurts to look at! Glad you got it back together.

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    Thanks Steve45,
    I took a chance on this one, it still came out pretty good so far.
    Outside of a little cavitation it ran really well.
    I am looking for a solas 16/20 for this thing if anyone has one they are willing to part with. (and some decent sponsons)
    BTW, if someone needs cases welded, there is someone here in town (austin) that is an absolute artist with a tig. He has welded up my blown methanol blocks before, and did an amazing job with this one, even matched the beveled crank passage.

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    how much did he charge?

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    $200, but it really all depends on the extent of the damage.
    There was another crack that you can not see in these pics that was fixed as well. It was on the top case on the same cylinder

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    Name/business name/ shop name, contact information of the welder man please.

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