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    Seal and bearing out of my 03 msx140. Possible bent driveshaft?

    The seal around the driveshaft where it goes through the hull is out for sure. I have read that there is a bearing around that also. I have never worked on a pwc before but I should be able to figure it out with a little help. There was a bad vibration at low to mid rpms before the seal went out. I'm pretty sure the guy I bought it from last year knew about it and that is why he sold it. I looked under the boat last year when I sucked something into the impeller and I saw that the grate was busted.

    Is there a possibility that whatever he sucked into the impeller bent the drive shaft? Is there anywhere I can get instructions on how to replace that seal, bearing and possibly the drive shaft and impeller? I was told by a mechanic that the motor has to come out or at least be raised up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Most of the time the impeller blades are bent and out of balance, replacing the impeller is not a big job or the bearings and seals. There is a section on how to rebuild your pump.

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    Can you suggest a good aftermarket impeller? I saved one on ebay "Solas Concord Impeller PA-CD-15/21" Is this familiar and is it a good impeller? Or should I just get a stock one? And where should I go for parts? I found a bearing kit "BEARING KIT FOR 1350091", does that incluce the seal? I'm sure it does. Sorry but this is my first watercraft.

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    What impeller would you recommend? Will a "Solas Concord Impeller PA-CD-15/21" work on my boat? Thank you for your advice, I found the youtube clips and it looks like something I can do. I ordered the bearing today and was wondering if I should just buy a stock impeller or if there is a good aftermarket one out there. Thanks again.

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    My signature links provide a lot of useful info, including a list of parts sources.

    Remove the jet pump and check all the drive line parts. Make sure the drive shaft is not bent, and the drive splines on both ends are in good condition.

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