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    Thread Lock question...

    Sup fellas. Well, I finally got around to pulling my jet pump on my '04 15F, and I noticed almost every bolt was covered in GREEN thread lock. Turns out this is a wicking threadlock, and also requires high torque to keep turning... which is good right?

    Well, this green threadlock is kinda rare in the stores, so I'm wondering what the rest of you have used?

    -So far, I've used red threadlock on the bolts for the base of my RIVA sponsons, and no threadlock on the screws for the actual sponson fin.

    -Intake Grate... Ride Plate... Jet pump bolts... did you guys actually use Green thread lock for re-assembly? or maybe Blue? or just reused the bolts as is?

    Thanks for the tips!~

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    I use blue on cylinder head nuts, cylinder base nuts, exhaust nuts, and read cage nuts. On the long bolts that Kawasaki uses on most exhaust systems, I use grease. I've started putting grease on ride plate screws, too.

    Even though I boat in fresh water, corrosion is still a problem. I've never had trouble with nuts & bolts coming loose, but they can sure get stuck and break off. I always clean the threads with a wire wheel.

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