Sup guys... Please disregard the title... it glitched and posted before I was done... anyway

I finally got to pulling off my pump (50 hrs), and planning to do the wet mod.

Also new items going on: R&D ride plate, Worx intake grate, and a Solas 13/19 w/ Solas aluminum cone.
Hoping to get the 15F to hang a little better w/ my F15X.

Anyway, here's a few things I noticed.
- Bearings are still smooth and quiet. I pulled the inside covers off. Grease was clean, and bearings seem fine. Should I still replace them?
- The WPS pump rebuild kit is a good deal but uses ball bearings made in Korea, while oem Kawasaki bearings are from Japan. Anybody have any negative experience w/ the WPS (Korean bearing) kits?
- I also had a little bit of water inside the front portion of the pump. I found a small area there the bushing is pitted right where the seals (both) contact it. This could have let tiny amounts of water in over time... but no corrosion anywhere, and as mentioned, the bearings still felt fine. I ordered 2 new front seals and a new bushing from Kawasaki.
- Planning to use Amsoil marine lower unit oil...
- Any bad experience w/ the aluminum Solas cone? The one that replaces the rubber one on the impeller? I thought I read something against it a while back... but not sure.
It seems like there's no real reason for it to need to seal tight, except to prevent water into the impeller's threads.. right? Could I just use some grease on the drive shaft to keep the impeller threads corrosion free?

Anyway, Thanks for all the tips so far!