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    VXS Brand New 8,999

    Hey guys, just worked out that super deal with my dealer and Im going to look to purchase it later today. Good price eh?

    Also, any small mods I should do? I think the air intake is nice but not for 500 smakers.

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    What dealership, in what part of the country?

    Does the price include setup, delivery charges, etc?

    If so, that's a thousand less than I paid, so yes, great deal.

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    I dont want to disclose the information on a deal but in the greater lakes area. It doesn't include all the charges, but some. Its gonna be around 10,000 out the door I believe.

    I know they wanted 10,900 + tax + registration before though.

    Duekenyc, since im taking you have one, how do you like it? Crazy this thing can keep up with the 14k PWCs

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    If you end up getting it for that, it is the steal of the year. I work at a Yamaha Dealership, and trust me, that is a steal! Just dont let the dealer tack on any prep, freight, doc etc... Otherwise, its not a great deal. Those things are just add ons that go directly to the dealers pocket and don't let them tell you otherwise.

    As far as add-ons. My brother-in-law and I both have VXRs and I just put the Riva Cold Air Intake, Manifold, and exhaust on mine. So far worst money I have ever spent. It sounds awesome, but absolutly zero performance inhancement. I'm sure now Riva will tell me to get a ride plate and an intake grate, but dang once you do all that may as well get an FZR.

    Having said all that, even at full MSRP that unit is by far the best deal on the water this year, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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    They added on freight but im not sure if I can work them any lower...a bit disappointment since with tax and ect it came to 10,354. Still a great deal imo because the msrp was 10,999 alone. Also, for that much money ill be as fast/faster than the 14k skis.

    Thanks for the info on the Riva upgrades...guess im running it stock!

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    Heck yea brother, thats still a smokin deal! You wont spend a better 10,300 on a ski!

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    Great price. Before you start throwing mods at it, put an R&D intake grate on it asap. That hull (like the FZR/FZS) is on the brink of an overstuff w/ the stock intake. Then go w/ one of the air intakes & the ribbon delete.

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    super deal..

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    Guys, I gotta take back my previous statements about the Riva parts. I don't know what happened over night, maybe my CDI reprogrammed itself, but WOW! The Riva mods add an absolute sick mid range pull!

    Yesterday I was running head to head with our other bone stock VXR, and today I was barely edging him out of the hole, but blistering him with the mid range. Top speed seems to be the same.

    Hope this helps.

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    So yall were side by side at top speed?

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