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    Do I need a RRFR right away?

    I have an intercooler on the way with the groco strainer. My question is would I be safe to run this setup for a little while without it? I do plan on buying but waiting on a deal. Has anyone else ran without an RRFR? I am seeing 7750 now probally due to overfilling oil and believe this could help bring me up to where I need to be after draining some oil out. I will not be running WOT for long extended periods of time but more cruising until I do get my RRFR would this help?

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    to run an X charger with an external intercooler you will need both the 42 lb injectors and the RRFPR

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    was running same mod with 38 injectors other a year and a half with no problem without rrpfr.

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    Yes. you need one.

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