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    found alot of gray milky gunk in my JS440 *Piics

    My ski wasn't starting so I went through the normal checks and pulled the plugs to check them. I saw the plug was kind of gray milky color that was wet. I pulled off the head and there was alot of creamy gray stuff in the engine. So I assume that means water is getting in somewhere. Suggestions on fixing? Rebuilding kit? Thanks

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    looks like a nicely blown headgasket due to a waped or cracked head. definetly need to tear it down and check bearings, etc. That is ALOT of water that got pumped in and has been going on for a while.

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    I don't see any breaks in the gasket. Is there a way to check the head for warping?

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    Bummer! Take a look at the crankshaft bearings quickly. If the crank got a bunch of water on it and the bearings rust, it's toast. A crank can rust in a day or two.

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    Yeah I tore it down it quickly and lucky i caught it right when it happened because there wasn't any rust. So I'm just going to do a rebuild and hope for the best.

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