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    Kawasaki 1100 stx engine rebuild quesitons?

    So my negligence has now made me do an engine rebuild. ( I ran out of oil) today i did a compression check to see how badly i ruined the engine and from front to back the cylinders check out at 90 psi, 115 psi, and 30 psi. so now i know that i need to rebuild. the questions I have is, Do I only need to do a top end rebuild, pistons rings and wrist pin bearings, or do I need to replace all bearings right down to the crank? I am sure that full rebuild is probably recommended. but i would like to try and cut the cost and save me the trouble of rebuilding the whole engine.
    on a side note despite the disgustingly low compression it still runs.( With oil this time) I canít say if it has any power left in it. but I am hoping that being the case, the top end would be all I need to do.
    I also pulled the heads and the jugs today and the pistons are scored and so are the cylinders. the piston rings are all there if that helps any.

    Thank you for reading and all advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Spin the crank and feel the bearings. If you feel any binding or tight spots, you'll probably need to do something with the crank. I'd bet it's OK, however. There is a LOT more friction between sliding surfaces than rolling surfaces. The bearings can get by with less oil than the cylinders.

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    So there for if there is no binding ( tight spots) I may not have to rebuild the lower end? now another question. before this occured I was tossing the Idea of up grading the motor. Now since I most likely will need to get the cylinders bored What should I bore them at? that will fix the problem and also add to what I wanted, just dident know I would be upgrading it this way. and if I do an upgrade do I need to change all bearings and bushing?

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    No binding, no tight spots, also look at the color of the needles. If they're silver, it should be OK. If they're discolored (blue or straw colored), they've been too hot.

    I would bore them as little as possible so you can bore it again in the future.

    I don't know about upgrades.

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    I will look into that I got less then one month to get that ski back on the water hope this will work. Do you know the best place to order over sized pistons?

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