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Thread: Oil Geyser

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    Oil Geyser

    Done some work on the machine this year, started it half a dozen times after charging battery and changing the plugs. However tonight there was a big blast of oil out of the exhaust. I thought it could be the fogging oil, but realized I have started it quite a lot without letting the excess oil burn off. I checked the plugs and they were still clean with a hint of oil on them. Sound like anything serious, or just excess oil in the engine, fogging oil or a combo of both? I let it sit for 10 mins, tried again. No oil, came out this time, just the blue smoke.

    *Note* The oil that came out was jet black.

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    I would guess it was just some crap that accumulated in the waterbox

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    I was thinking the same thing since there was a bit of water tat rolled out with it.

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