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    Help with Engine Compartment parts falling out

    Just recently removed the seat, after riding, to cycle clean water through engine. Felt like it ran great, didn't notice anything wrong.
    I'm still pretty new to waverunners, and maintenance on engines, but i noticed a couple things.

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    This plastic/rubber piece or cap is not there (this is a picture i luckily already had taken some time ago). And, i found this in the engine compartment, but it didn't seem to look like the same part:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Anyone have any ideas?

    thanks so much for any help!

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    Just a cap Mine is somewhere in the hull of my FX140 just make sure you dont have water pooled up in the spot where it goes. if you want to pop it back in just some sort of adhesive. I like to Use some stuff called Amazing Goop its like silicone superglue, rubbery yet sticks well

    I have seen yamaha use that type of plugs for where they fill in the flotation foam holes sometimes they come off.

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    got a little too anxious, but just had a chance to look at it in the daylight, and that is the same part, was just upside down, it didn't look like it had the rounded top, like the original part, but once it was popped back in, it i could see the curve.

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