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    Race or Pump Gas

    OK, getting closer now. Jerry is going to getting me right with the map. Question is, on my first run, what do I go with, Race or pump. I currently still have about a 1/4 tank of 93 in it. Then afterwards, any recommendations what I should run as a standard so I don't have to keep changing the fuel portion of the map or should I just be ready to remap when I change fuel? The race shop up the road from where I work sells the Sunoco Race in 5 gallon drums ranging from 96 to 120.

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    Stick with the 93 Octane pump gas

    I hope your ready for the power you are about to feel

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    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this 10% Ethanol BS that is in the pump gas now. As long as we keep a close eye on the A/F I am assuming this Ethanol will not be a factor in our 4-Tec motors? There is a guy I work with that has a 26ft boat that he partly blames Ethanol for his motor blowing because it leaned him out to much and he was not monitoring the A/F mixtures.

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