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    Question 1995 sl 750 got wet

    i was on the river yesterday and all of a sudden the ski started to run really funny it wasnt getting full power "like only running on 2 cylinders" i got to the beach took the seat off and was shocked to see that the hose adapter for running it out of water had rattled off and was filling the hull up with water. There was only enough water to just barely touch the bottom of the crankcase. i got it on the trailer brought it home, sucked the water out with a shop vac and left the seat off to let it dry. today i went to start it and what do you know it started right up and ran fine like nothing ever happened. could the water have made it run funny? any help is always appreciated thanks, Colin

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    Water may have been slung up from the engine coupler towards the air intake area. That will make it run funny, sure.

    As long as you ran the engine for a few minutes after the "incident", you should be fine.

    Just pay attention to it for the next ride. These types of things don't "clear themselves out". So if it runs funny, something is amiss. (don't keep riding it until you figure it out)

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    its running strong now i also figured out the hose clamp was worn out so i put a new one on and no problems now thanks for the help,

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