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    Oil Level Question - 260X

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    if the oil level was high, you would have seen it on the stick. What high oil level would do is clog your intercooler which in turn would affect performance.
    It may have leaked water into the engine at the oil cooler seals. Thats what my dealer initially suspected on mine, but when they replaced and it did same thing, they found the cracked head.
    How did they only find contaminated oil in the head? that does not make sense.

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    I do not understand it either. They said the head is not cracked, but I don't buy it. I have read that these cracks can be so small they are not visible. I want to see it for myself. This whole thing is f up, not as bad as Red08Ultra's situation, but I am pissed that I cant ride, and no one is in a hurry to solve the mystery.

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    look for my post on a cracked head it took around 8 removals to find the crack i think i put it on youtube persistance prevailed and i eventually found it.

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