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    04 RXP will not start. Act like dead battery.

    OK, last time out I noticed the starter dragging a bit. Thought low battery. Charged her up and now is worse. It starts to turn over, but very slow. I went to Interstate and the battery shows good. Got a new one anyway. Put it on and its the same. Went to the dealer and got a new starter solenoid. Still the same. What do I look at now. Starter??? I have got water inside the engine a couple of times, so water has been around the starter. If so, how do I replace that SOB, looks alittle tight in that area.

    Thanks, Bryan H

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    I've never had to replace the starter on mine but looking at it. best bet would probably be to remove he exhaust manifold and then change it out.

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    sounds like a lower bearing if u had water in it very possible. good luck

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    Check to see if something is stuck in the pump.

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    Pull the starter and test it, mine did the same thing last year and it was the starter

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    It is best to pull the manifold to get to the starter.

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    Only 2 bolts for the starter its tight and requires some patience to get off without removing the manifold.

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    Update. I pulled that starter--What a BITCH. Anyway. I pulled it apart and cleaned the brushes, etc. Put it all back together and will now start, but still drags. I am hunting a starter now.

    Thanks, BH

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    If the replacement starter is no better try it with the plugs out if it still sounds slow pull the jetunit and make sure the prop hasnt come loose as when they do it pushes hard against the engine and damages the thrust bearings making the crank go tight.
    I hope this isnt your problem but its the only thing i have seen making an engine slow to crank.

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    If thats the problem, then when I do get it started would it run fine?? We took it out later that day and rode it. Would barely start, but seem to run fine when it did start. Rode it several times.


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