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    2002 Polaris Virage TXi (unknown issues?)

    New spark plugs, new TPS, new solonoid (all purchased last month)

    End of last year, would start, but cut off during riding. Sometimes would cut off after a few minutes of riding, other times would cut off after 20+ minutes. And once it started cutting off, it continued in rapid succession to the point where you had to get off the ride.

    After the installation of the new TPS (month ago) it had some trouble starting (I assume for sitting so long from July 2010 to May 2010) but once we got it going, ran for 30+ minutes in the water, no cutting off, idled fine. I had high hopes for this summer.

    Since that day, the ski will start, but not idle well. Cuts off during idle. Back to the likes of last year. I tested it in water, and will some throttle, it heavily hesitates upon acceleration and struggles to get above 15 miles an hour. After a minute or two of riding, it cuts off. I even had it backfire a few days ago. During the time of the backfiring, the ski would not start at all. I did notice that the digital dash cut off and reset while I was continuing to try and start the ski. I must have hit the button about 30 times to start back up. After sitting for 5 minutes, just for kicks, i hit the start button again, and it started but engine did not sound good so I cut it off and took her home.

    BTW, I had a mobile repairman check the ski out, good compression, good fuel pressure, good fuel injectors. He had no software or ability to check any codes. There is never any blinking red lights or engine warnings.

    Any ideas? From the lots of reading i'm doing here the problem could be EMM or LR module. Any chance it is CPS? Or is my brand new TPS shot? Battery is a year old, and tested recently. I was told it was still a good battery. I'm just so thrown off my the fact one month ago she was riding fine, now its back to the way it was in summer last year but worse because I got a backfire now. The backfiring only occurred as my battery wore down from successive ignition start attempts on a slowly depleting battery.


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    I would tend to agree that the EMM is a likely suspect. The backfiring is the clue.

    I suggest you send it out to DFI for check/repair.

    While it is out check the plastic exhaust sections for splits caused by the backfires.

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