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    Slo mode question

    When riding my ski today (2010 stx-15f) after about 2 hours of stop and go, I was traveling along at about 5000rpm, when I hit some small waves. The ski started making a god awful vibration at 3000rpm and refuses to accelerate. I brought it back in doing no more then 10mph. The impeller looks perfect and nothing is stuck anwhere, also no engine warning light came on. I called the dealer and the person I spoke to said it sound like it had gone into SLO mode and to hold the mode button to put the ski back into FPO. To me the vibration that the ski was making is more than a problem with the mode. Does this sound right?

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    Forgot to add this ski only has 15 hours on it.

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    Did the vibration go away? If so it could have been that you sucked something up, started to get caviatation, and spit out the something.

    Cant Imagine slo mode would cause issue. The only other thing that I could guess would be missing on cyclinder. Either via bad gas or spark issue.

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    I have not had the ski back in the water yet. Ski sounds fine running out of the water I checked the intake again and saw nothing. I am going to try it in the water again today.

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    my ultra 300 ran a little funny with the slo key. at quarter throttle it would hesitate and sputter once you opened it up it was ok but like i said in the lower rpm ranges it felt like a misfire. switched the key to the fpo and it was fine.

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