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    1996 Waveraider 1100 not firing correctly

    1996 Yamaha Waveraider 1100 stock except running premix and has a primer installed.

    Rode it this past Saturday and it ran perfect, pulled it out of the water and flushed it like normal. Took it back Sunday and it wouldn't run right, and would barely get the ski to plain out.

    Did a pressure test and have over 110 psi on all three cylinders. Then I used a spark tester and found that all three plugs are firing normally at idle but upon revving the engine the number 2 cylinder stops firing. The first thing I did was replace all of the spark plugs, which like I figured...didn't help.

    My initial guess was that I probably had an ignition coil going bad, so I switched the coils of the number 1 and number 2 cylinder but the problem didn't follow the coil, instead it stayed with the number 2 cylinder.

    Since I determined that it wasn't the coil, the next suspect in my mind is the CDI. Is there any way to test the cdi to determine whether or not its bad before buying a $250 used unit? Also does anyone else have any other things I should check?

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    if you mist #2 with an oil and fuel mix,wd40 or old sea foam spray does it pick up rpms thru your tansition past idle? if so, then its fuel related and some where in your mid to high feeds in the carb... i'd look at carbs before condeming the cdi as yet..

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    I just rebuilt the carbs two years ago after having a fueling issue where I would have to pump the primer to help the ski accelerate... This problem is definitely different because the only thing pumping the primer does now is floods the engine after a while and as I stated before when using the spark tester I can visibly see the spark quit firing at higher rpms. Thanks for the response though.

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    Bit the bullet and bought a used CDI...Hooked it up and was kind of relieved, since I could have sworn the ski sounded like it was running better. Anyway hooked the spark tester up and the middle cylinder still quits firing when revving the ski.

    On another note, I got to thinking and was wondering since I am doing most of the testing on the water hose instead of actually having a load on the engine could I be hitting the rev limiter. Could that cause it to quit firing?

    Either way, I guess I'm going to take the ski out this weekend and actually put it in the water and see what it does.

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