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    Any tips on getting the impeller housing off?

    Started the assembly of the pump on my ski (2003 FX140), and found the impeller housing is warped or gouged, and the prop will not turn. Found one used in great shape and its on its way. Went out there today to take the old one off, and no go. I figure part of it is the sealant they use, and the other part is it sat in salt for for a while before I got it. I can get a screw driver or pry bar in the gaps, but don't want to damage the piece behind it. Can I just get in there and use good old fashion brute force? Hammer? Air Hammer?
    What are you guys using to get them off?

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    Be carefull the pry tabs will brake off easly. You are correct about the sealer holding on also there are two big dowel pins that two of the bolts go through that are rusted I supect. Spray some penetrating oil in the bolt holes at 5 o clock and 11 o clock looking from tha back of the ski into the wear ring. These two locations are where the dowels are located. Sometimes heat helps as a last rsort, Good luck Tommy Jordan

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    Thanks for the reply!
    I ended up soaking it generously with PB b'laster [awesome stuff] and gently applying pressure with a long pry bar, and it came right off.

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