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    2004 RXP Quit Today

    My Wife was riding her RXP today and everything was fine,we pulled into a cove and took a break from riding. When she went to refire it just spins over and will not crank. The battery shortly went out so i figured i had a bad battery. Sea Tow came over and tried to jump it off with no luck. He did pull it to the marina that was right down the waterway ,where we proceeded to put a new battery in. Still no luck..she spins over but wont fire. We put new plugs in it also but no luck. Oil level is good ,plenty of fuel,it just wont fire back up.
    anybody got any Idea's?
    Thanks in advance for any help you may can give me.

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    are u getting spark and every thing to or no

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    Hopefully it's spark. Buuut, if you have spark, pop the seat off, insert the key and listen for the fuel pump to pressure the line. If you can't hear it, that may be your problem. No fuel, no fire!

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    I checked the spark and have none and when i plug up the lanyard i can hear the fuel pump firing what do I need to check or fix now?

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    check the fuses for the coils?

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    either look at the driveshaft or have someone look into the pump and make sure the prop is turning when you're cranking the ski over. if it is, remove the plugs and put your hand over the hole and see if you have compression over each hole.(I'm assuming you don't have a compression gauge with you). this will test the 2 most common problems on the 04/05 rxp's.

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    Mine did this last year too,running great,went back to ride,....duh,da,da,da,da,da,.....duh da,da,da,da..called my seadoo dealer buddy and told me to bring it to him to plug in the BUDS and reset everything,zero out the tps settings and calibrations,,all good from there, really stupid,pissed me off(seadoo)

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    pull the rocker cover off to see if the cam is spinning

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    I seem to have good compression on each cylinder but i have absolutely no fire. fuses all check good up front,so i guess im headed to the shop.
    Thanks guys!

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