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    1998 Yamaha gp800 problem

    so i took out my waverunner 2 weeks ago i started it up ran fine for like 2 minutes then would only go 5mph. so i took it rode back in and took it home next day i replaced spark plugs and fuel filter took it out started up fine went 40 turned around and it started doing 5mp again. anyone have any solutions here?

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    look for smoke. where plugs fouled

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    check pv servo make sure it cycles when shut off.if all checks out make sure you have tank pressure .and start cleaning fuel system .after compression test

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    this is my first ski so am just getting my feet wet with trying to repair by myself . I have attached the picture of the old plug.

    How do i test the pv servo to see if it cycles? and if i does cycle how do i test fuel pressure? and what should i do for fuel clean up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paradigm56 View Post
    check compression?

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    Doing compression test today what numbers should except?

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    128 compression in each

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    Was it over heating?

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