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    After Action Report

    Well, I got my new (to me) skis out on the lake today for their first test run prior to "river" season. By and large, they did well, but need some direction with one of them.

    My 1100 STX seems to take a lot to get started. Someone here told me to put a primer on and that would help. I got it started (haven't put the primer on yet) and it seemed to do OK. What I DID notice was 2 things.

    After it had been sitting for a bit (1/2 hour) it would bog a bit off of idle. After 5 seconds or so, it was fine. Secondly, noticed MAJOR black soot around the exhaust vent on the outside.

    So my question is, do I rebuild the carbs automatically and assume that's it, or take the ski in to have the carbs adjusted? Would the black on the exhaust be a lean or a rich condition?

    Thanks All!

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    If it were me I'd rebuild them off the bat. I don't have any experience with that particular ski, but in general that is good practice on a used ski with any questionable tuning.

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    ANY 'Ski is going to take more than 5 seconds to warm up after it's been sitting.

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