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Thread: gtx di trouble

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    Question gtx di trouble

    First time here asking questions, yes i am a girl so I amy not ask them the correct moter way but I sure hope you will be able to understand my search for knowledge and help me solve this problem. I have a gtxdI 2001 it ran great last year, it was winterized covered and kept inside. I took it out yeeterday, uncovered to get it ready for water play, put battery in,hooked spark plugs up, I put the lanyard on and machine made blowwinh noise like I disconected and reconected cables in front, now when laynard is plugged in it makkes two beebs preserised noise when ever you push red start button. Battery is fully charged, it was trying to send preserized gas to start. THe lanyard did not beeb when put in. When i press the red start butten i again get the presurised sound but my machine still not start, It apears to be an exlextrical problem and I do knot know what to do so I aaaaaaam comming as a damsel in distress for help from the greenhulk rescuers ,

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    good to see you, we need to understand more, say you put the key on you get the 2 beeps? what do you mean about cables in the front? does it turn over when you press the start button?

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    it does not turn over, but my friend does not think it is the starter, when I looked in the manual it said it is something electronic. when the start button is pressed it just makes the preassuree noise that it is sending gas. The wires in the very front of hull, we unclipped the black boxes that hold the wires and reclipped them then we got the 2 beeps prior to that I got no beeps just the preasure noise, but it wont start,

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    Did you spray fogging oil in the cylinders last year? If so, take out the spark plugs and see if it will turn over without them in the head. Cover the holes with a rag in case oil/fuel sprays out! Good luck!

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    Just to make sure,need you to check all the fuses at the MPEM(computer with all the wires pluged in).numerous possibilities here,Bad mpem,dess post,motor locked up from not winterized etc...

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    It was winterized and fogged last year, it beeps but will not read any codes, it's like it isn't talking to the starter, when you put lanyard/key on or press start it makes the preasurizes sound of fuel being pumped. Was able to ride 100 miles today on someone elses machine but will try the above ideas on mine tomorrow or I may have to take it in

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    there was water in the box in back, when key is plugged in there is voltage to wires the talk to clyinode, but not when key is out, was able to start by conecting/jump start I didn't do it but I herd it turn over, do u think putting new clyinode in will help?

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