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    1.9?! Sounds fun...

    Just came across this on Rds site...might be old knews, but seem logical if i want to keep boost low, but how much power to be gained? (considering internal upgrades and c/5/8 wheel this winter)

    FZR 1.9 Liter 9.5-1 Big Bore Engine Kits

    R&D has developed a 1.9 Liter Big Bore Kit for the Yamaha FZR and SHO Supercharged engines that comes complete with all the necessary parts to punch the block out as big as possible while maintaining proper tolerances for strength and cooling efficiency. R&D has worked closely with CP Pistons and L.A. Sleeve to engineer and co-develop “Big Bore” Forged Racing Piston and Sleeve Kits for the hard core race enthusiasts or precision engine builders who are looking to gain maximum horsepower and reliability from their “Big Bore” racing engines. R&D offers high quality big bore (88, 88.5, and 89mm) forged aluminum, heat treated, and CNC machined racing pistons in 9.5-1 compression ratios, and Sleeve Kits utilizing only the finest precision cast iron materials. R&D also stocks “Big Bore” head gaskets in sizes up to 90mm. What ever performance platform you are planning to build, trust the pros at R&D with all your Big Bore Parts and engine management needs.

    R&D recommends upgrading to High Performance Forged Pistons and Billet Connecting Rods in applications producing over 300 H.P. @ sustained C 8,000+.

    • Big Bore Piston Kits available in 88,88.5, and 90mm (88.5 and 90mm custom order)
    • High quality centrifugally spun, precision machined cast iron sleeves
    • Improved ring seal with Nascar Style ring sets
    • Big Bore Head Gaskets in sizes 88,88.5, and 90mm in stock (custom thickness also available)
    • Sleeve kits arrive with proper machine specs for proper installation
    • Ceramic Coated piston domes available, as well as anodized piston skirts (call R&D for custom order)

    Pt. # 992-18088 R&D 1.9 Liter Big Bore Kit

    Kit Includes:
    Big Bore 88mm Pistons Qty (4)
    Big Bore 88mm Sleeves Qty (4)
    Big Bore 88.5 Head Gasket
    Sleeving/Honing specifications

    NOTE: For special custom sleeves , pistons, and head gasket combinations call the pro’s at R&D for consulting and advice.

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    This is what I'll be doing when it's time to rebuild my motor. Possibly raise compression as well. Depends on what fuel I decide to run.

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    1.9 here. Pick the motor up on monday. Not this kit. But I use the CP pistons.

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