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Thread: FZS Steering

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    FZS Steering

    Has anyone with a fzs of fzr noticed a small amount of play in the steering left and right . I have a very small amounof play I have never had in a yamaha before . Its such a small amount you really have to pay attention to notice it but its driving me crazy and i want to know if its normal with this pwc .
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    Yup, since day one on my ski. I ride with steveFZR and his is the same.

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    Ok you bastards!! Now I'm going to have to go out to the lake just to check this out. Damn it!
    I've never noticed it before, but I'll be on the watch for it.

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    The steering on the FZ's is a joke at idle speed.
    Coming from the RXT's, the Yamahas are almost impossible to steer in a straight line. They do seem to steer fine under throttle though. There is some play but I actually prefer a little play in the handling; we test rode the 2010 RXT-X last year, and the steering on that was way too aggressive for my style of riding.

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