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    VXR/S mods for ocean ridding?

    Since I ride in the harbor/ocean where we get some 3-4' waves at time, I can't/won't do the cold air intake, but I was thinking about doing the ribbon delete. I can't seem to find any results with just the ribbon delete in place. Does anyone has done just the ribbon on a stock ski and gotten worthwhile results?

    Does anyone make a tune for the VXR/S? I was thinking that the factory tune being set up for 87, the VXR/S may pick up a little bit with re-tuned timing table set up for 93 octane.

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    For ocean riding you will want an intake grate for sure. You will gain a great deal of hookup. R&D does sell a reprogramed ecu for the VXR/S. I have a fzr so I'm not sure how much the manifold upgrade will help a n/a ski but IMO the gains will be less than a forced induction engine. But then again, its less than 40$ so it's a very cheap mod.

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    An R&D intake grate will help in the ocean, but only to a certain degree. Although I will say my VXS is "decent" in the ocean its strengths are more geared to waters less agitated then you mention here. IMO, I do not see "any" amounts of money / mods that will make the VXS / VXR significantly better in the ocean. I would just save the $ and enjoy the boat the way it is; and it is a good little boat don't get me wrong!

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    Hummm I wonder what a stock rideplate with an extension on the back would do? Probably make the ski not ride as high.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeFZR View Post
    Hummm I wonder what a stock rideplate with an extension on the back would do? Probably make the ski not ride as high.
    I think the limitations of the VXR in the ocean is directly tied to its weight (actually lack of weight). And there is little that can be done to mitigate this. The best solution in this scenario is having two boats: A VXR / VXS and something else more geared to rougher waters. Again, I am not bagging on the VXR / VXS; I love mine. I am just being realistic . . . "it is what it is"!

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    I'm interested in power adders. I'm not sure a ride plate would help in the condition I happened to be in on sat but, I'm open to discussion on that. I believe that riding ability are a bigger part of ocean riding, probably more than machine to some extent.
    Mainly looking at bolt on power speed is kinda irelevant, 68 or 70 isn't much of an importance to me, but if I could add more mid range (not that it's lacking really) it would be even more fun!.
    I'll check that R&D ECM.

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    The ribbon delete is easy and a cheap mod. Definitely helps your engine response. The reprogrammed ECM will add more timing and fuel mapping for your mods. IMO the stock ride plate will be best for ocean riding and jumping waves. The extended ride plates tend to make your nose drop when launching off of the waves. The intake grate is always a good investment especially when getting in the white water.

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    Is the R&D the preferred grate? Any options?

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    I checked on the ECU and for 740$ I think I will pass lol. I'm thinking a ribbon delete and a R&D type filter (cone style on the TB) should probably do what I want...

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