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    1999 GP800 bogs down between 3000-4500 RPM, but runs great after 4500 RPM

    My 1999 GP 800 Waverunner starts great and idles fine. It accelerates normally from zero to about 15 miles per hour. Then it bogs down between 20-30 mph, and beyond that it runs great. Thus, because it's bogging down in the midrange, the ski slows in the water but then shoots out when the throttle is pulled beyond the midrange.

    Does anyone know what I should do? I can't really get a look at the carbs because they are on the bottom of the motor under the big giant black pipe thing.

    Help!! Really want to avoid a shop repair bill. BTW...I replaced the plugs and have new gas.

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    Check the powervalves for operation, they could be hung open. Tommy Jordan

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    Any modifications, or is it bone stock?

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