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    Won't Turn Over, Solenoid?

    Parked to eat a snack at the lake earlier, sat about 15 minutes.. wouldn't start

    Just does this,

    Twice since getting towed in/leaving and getting home it's tried to turn over but I didn't give it throttle to actually start it. I have hose hooked up so next time it tries to, I can run it for a few seconds to flush..

    Guy at the lake had a gp1200 and said it sounded like the starter solenoid, said the same thing happened to him and to expect to pay around $70 or so for a new one. What do you guys think?

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    sound like solenoid,if you can try check voltage before and after relay

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    Finally got the cover off to access the solenoid, had 4 stripped bolts, and I jumped it with a screwdriver and it turned over instantly every time. Sound like that's it!

    A guy locally has one he said would cost me about $80.. anywhere I can get it cheaper?

    Also.. Need all new bolts for the cover, I think there's 10 or 11? Missing 4 now anyway and the rest are rusted.. I'd go buy stainless bolts to match but they have the sleeve style near the head so that you can't over tighten on the plastic cover.. any suggestions? Or know how much these cost?

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    Maybe you could try to find someone parting a GP1200 out in the classifieds and ask for the bolts.

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    you can buy the stainless and make your own sleeves out of cooper or plastic tube ..steel brake line would work too

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    Extreemthrottle may have some
    But if not, great idea!

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