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    95 spx possible hydrolock??

    Took it out to the lake on Memorial day. Nephew did not get the plug in all the way. As soon as it came off the trailer, I beached it and realized what he had done. Compartment was half full, we got all the water out and it ran. Got out on the lake opened it up ran good for a few minutes. Hit a big wave that took me airborne and it died, would not restart. Got it home, started, running rough. Then it siezed. I was able to get it to move again by turning the PTO with channel locks, but will not start. Pulled the plugs and it's not blowing out any water. Brand new battery. Any ideas would be great.

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    If you got it running again and it ran for over 5 minute it should of had all the water out. But if you try to start the motor first before taking out the spark plugs first and blow all the water out. You might of mess up. Even if you got it running after that it might of had a broken ring from trying to start it with water in the cylinder. I am not sure if you did that or not. It just might of been it s time to blow too. I would pull the head off to see the damage. Some times the needle bearing under the pistons will Grenade and go Threw the motor trashing everything. I have heard that before ,from a sinking and the same scenario as you. If you had ran the ski and it was hot and then it sunk. Then you might of got hot spots on the piston witch would maybe make it seizes too. But that is not the case. Pray for the best. I hope I help a little.

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    Thanks, I will let you know what happens.

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