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Thread: Fouled plugs?

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    Fouled plugs?

    Hello I had my 01 gtx di out today and after warming it up i gave it some throttle and i was doing only 20 mph at full throttle, however it would periodically come out of it and run great at top speed. I had the fuel air rail off to fix a fuel injector issue and was wondering could this be a fouled plug and old gas issue? The dealer had installed new plugs when it was recently serviced. Any help greatly appreciated thanks

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    At $3 a plug,.. try it

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    Plugs are more than $3 for a DI . Plugs is the place to start. if you cant get a season out of the new ones then Fuel pressure and most important AIR pressure need to be checked. Most of the time its an air leak in the hose from the air pump to the rave Solenoid. In an extreme case it was a air pressure reg. causing the fuel reg. to fail...

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    I agree sounds like an air pump problem.

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    changed plugs and hooked up to a house in my building still getting the MAINT light so that eliminates the plugs right? whats next i havent got it to water since the first time about a week ago? try it again or get the codes read?

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    Went out for another test run tonight, sprayed soapy water on air lines with motor running off hose before hand never noticed leaks. Put sea doo in the water started fine, few seconds later i get the MAINT light so i idle around to warm it up. gave it half throttle didnt seem to be picking up much went to WOT only getting about 30 mph at top speed and rpm are not going over about 4800. I know notice 12 volt low signal flashing on dash for quite sometime however still has enough juice to start the engine several times (Brand new battery which went dead because i assume key was left in... charged overnight seems fine) I know these DI are supposed to kill all power after the key is left in and motor is inactive for 10 minutes so could this be a false reading because of that? sorry for the story here im just a concerned owner! Thanks

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