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    Clogged With Sand!

    Recently I had the small hose on the exhaust leak, so I replaced it, and today after riding two days since replacing it, I noticed it's leaking again.. where it connects nearest to motor it sort of sits against the motor. The heat and vibration wears into it I guess.. but then, I realized the hose had sand in it! The nipple it connects to was clogged with sand (the lowest nipple).. I can run water through the top one and it flows freely, out the inside of the exhaust and from the middle nipple, if water was supposed to be flowing into the lowest nipple, and wasn't.. what could this have affected? I've sprayed water/carb cleaner/air, let it sit, tapped it, stuck wire into it.. but cannot get it cleared out to blow air or water through.. any suggestions?

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    try to soak it in a bucket of clean water overnight.. then try the wire and water again..
    a pressure washer may help push that out also...
    if that wont work try to pour white vinagar down the # 3 nipple and let it sit a few days, then the wire as it could be hard water deposits..
    only other thing to do is have it boiled out via a machine shop..

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    Just ran outside and put it in a bucket of water..
    What could this affect if clogged up while riding today?

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    That puts water down into the exhaust to cool the rubber exhaust connections and the waterbox. Without good water flow, you could melt those rubber exhaust hoses and the water box could start to melt the styrofoam around it.

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    I think the preasure washer idea mentioned above is a good idea. I would probably add some dishwash soap to help loosen. Or spray some WD40 and let it soak before you use preasure washer or air hose. If you can clamp a hose from the preasure washer to the connector that might help. When I opened my engine in my project I found sand in the water jackets that was jambed in there so good that i had to use a pick and a hammer to break appart the sand to remove it. If you can get a stiff wire in there you might work it loose.

    This is how I solved the sand issue permanently. Read post number 73

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    I tried all the above and no luck also realized some of my bolts were
    Missing/brackets cracked and it looks
    As if The pipe
    Was cracked and repaired..
    So, I ordered a pipe from Dave (extreemthrottle) and should have it all fixed by next weekend!

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    Got the new pipe in (still have to install bolts) but it looks so much better than the old painted/broken/clogged pipe lol..

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