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    HELP! HELP! NO SPARK??? 2002 Polaris Virage

    Help! Help! Help! No spark?

    I think I have read every link on GREENHULK and tryed what im capable of doing without spending $100 dollars an hour.

    This is my wifes ski that i just got two weeks ago. It's a 2002 Polaris Virage txi 1200. Only has 19.9 hours on it.

    Took it for a test ride before i bought it and it ran great. The next day I took the wife and son for about an hour and ran fine. SO about 3days later I installed new spark plugs and noticed it wouldnt fire!?!? I took the plugs out and noticed there was no spark... After playing around with everything ALL OF A SUDDEN IT HAD SPARK! So i gear up head to the lake, was ripping for about 15 minutes and it died!!! NO SPARK!!!

    So I checked all connections and wire harnesses, cleaned all the grounds, fuse is good, relays weren't popped, took the kill switch apart 3 different times, battery is 12.9 and 11.6 while cranking, and even tryed a wake up 10 different times.

    I did bring it to a friend that has the computer code reader and it said "Low Voltage Code Error". So we deleted the error, unplugged the computer tryed to started it and NOTHING! We hooked it back up and then it said "No Errors" ???


    Can someone help me? or have any ideas?

    Thanks Matt

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    did you trim back the plug wires?

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    Rev, I would perform a load test on the battery

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    I have on 01 Virage TXI and it did something similar this weekend. It had been ridden by several people over 2 days with no trouble. Son was riding it and had been out for about 1/2 hour when he shut it off to talk to me and then it would not restart. We towed it to shore and found it had fuel pressure, but no spark. Ran through everything we could think of with limited tools and could not get it to start. Tried disconnecting the battery to see if computer might reset still nothing. About 4 hours later my nephew started playing around with it when suddenly he yelled it started. He had played with the forward and reverse buttons and then it fired. Ran fine the rest of the weekend with no trouble.

    Have no idea what could have been going on with the fwd/rvrs buttons but son insists he never touched them. Dont know if the TXI has some kind of restriction on starting if it isnt in forward. But, you might try playing with those buttons and see if you get spark back.

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    Unplug the TPS sensor. See if it starts and idles.

    No spark on a fuel injected engine is often bad TPS, weak battery, or bad EMM. Sometimes a bad lanyard or Stop switch. Other causes are possible, of course.

    Forward and Reverse does not affect engine starting, but Reverse does affect maximum engine RPM when running.

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