My son and I drove 2 hours to meet up with Rocketman and Stan the man Hightower to spend the day riding. got there and took my ski out and it had a bad vibration that started a couple days earlier after jumping a big wave a big boat was putting out. after Kerry and i got to looking for the cause he noticed the coupler was pushed tight against the motor. the shaft was somehow pushed out over an inch so when i took the motor mount bolts out and the motor slid forward couldn't line bolts back up. so we trailered it so got to pull motor to repair shaft and check crank and everything else.

Called Stan and he brought one of his RXPX seadoos for me to ride that thing was pretty tough. we had a blast Stan took a lot of time with my son (who just turned 13 a couple days ago) on the buoy course he had set up. im glad he got to learn a little about buoy course racing from someone like them. I've been riding a lot to years and was having a hard time just keeping up with Hightower.

Kerry and Stanley and their wives are very nice people to be around looking foward to the next ride.

Some of the guys i ride with are putting a ride together sometime in July down in the Gulf shores orange beach area if some are interested just let us know i will start a new thread when i get the time.
Jerry Brown