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    Thumbs up Carb rebuild and new fuel lines question

    Hey guys, a few weeks back I picked up a pair of 97 SL 900's well I ran 1 1/2 tanks threw them and they run great besides a fluctuating idle when cold. Piston wash says they are way lean and the new plugs are wet with fuel. So am I correct in saying I need to clean out carbs? What is the best name brand rebuild kits, jetline, wsm? I have the 38mm cdkII carbs with no high speed needle I believe???? What size are the fuel and return lines? How may feet of lines per ski do i need?The skis are in storage 180 miles from me and I would like to buy everything and make one trip to rebuild. Thanks a lot for the help.

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    use ONLY genuine kehin brand kits. stay away for any of the off brands.

    i have genuine kits here, for 70.00 per carb. also have carb mount gaskets, 5.00 ea, and hose for 2.00 per foot ( sorry, i am not sure how much you need.

    please email, or call the shop if i can help.

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    Holy crap my wife is going to kill me. do thiese carbs have the vacume port so I can snyc them? I didn't see any last time I looked

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    Don't think there is any vacuum port. They are synced by checking throttle butterfly with gage pin as few threads here suggested.

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    25 feet of fuel line per machine should be plenty. You may use less, but I cannot say precisely how much you will need.

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