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    1994 XP starting issues in water

    Hey guys,

    I have an XP that starts great on the trailer but as soon as I get it in the water....nothing. I ended up having someone lift the back end out of the water, got it started and rode for about half an hour then as I was cruising across the lake it completely died. Again, attempting to start did nothing. It would start to fire then stop. I cranked on it until the battery died. Got it home, charged the battery and after a few attempts it started back up. Seems like giving it throttle makes no difference and when I do get it restarted after being in the water it bogs down for a few seconds before revving like normal again.

    Some things about it and that I noticed but may not be related:
    1) It runs premix which has been mixed 40:1 with Seadoo oil
    2) I popped the seat after it died and noticed small rings of water around the spark plugs (but if water were in the cylinders would I be able to start it once back on the trailer?)

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Someone has to have an idea here...this is what I found last night working on it. An exhaust gasket was really loose so I put that back together (bad exhaust leak in the hull). I also did compression testing and found it to be 140 PSI in both cylinders. Plugs looked good, a little juice on them but nothing out of the ordinary.

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