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    2000 Virage -No Spark

    Ok here's the short version. Battery was installed backwards on my 2000 Virage and was only hooked up for about a minute. Now the start button will only work if the lanyard key isnt connected. If its not connected and then i connect the key while trying to start theres no spark. Even when we bypass the start button and get it to crank there is no spark. What did I screw up?

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    First check the fuse in the electrical box, if that is not it you might try the Lr5 box

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    Bypass the Start button? What did you do?

    You may have damaged the LR-505 Start/Stop module. You can bypass it and test. Details via my signature links.

    You may also need to replace the start solenoid, as it has an internal diode which can be damaged by reverse battery polarity.

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