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    Cuts off while moving ~ looking for help

    98 seadoo spx

    had this ski out once last season..
    ..and on my way in the ski was cutting off while i was driving back to the dock.
    ..once i got home i found the battery cables were loose.
    i made them tight and figured i solved the problem..

    (winterized it)

    First time taking it out this season yesterday..
    on my way out the ski started cutting off while i was moving along..
    i checked my battery cables and they were tight..
    kept restating and moving along..
    felt like the ski was giving me some hesitation while giving it throttle and cruising along.
    it kept shutting off until i couldn't get it started again and i had to be pulled in..


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    any ideas?

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    im by no means an expert but the first thing i would check isthe fuel filter. and if it has the original grey fuel lines change em and clean the carbs. there are extensive threads on here on how to do and youll find it.if the grey lines have been changed then i'll stfu and wish you luck!

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    If it "cuts-off" just like as if you pulled the Lanyard I would suspect a bad DESS Post. It has an internal Reed Switch which can be damaged by the kind of off-shore Wave jumping is see in your avatar. Could also be a damaged Ignition Inductive Pick-up sensor in the front engine Magneto Flywheel area but that is rare after the '96 model 787 engines.

    Other than that --- If you still have the original TEMPO Fuel lines in a 13 y.o. ski then you have some work to do replacing all the lines, fuel switch and cleaning and rebuilding the clogged Carbs. I see this all the time in older units. The Fuel Lines disintegrate internally and clog up the entire Fuel System and Carbs. If that's the case then you also need to clean out all the goop that has settled on the bottom of your Fuel Tank as well or it'll re-clog your newly cleaned/rebuilt Carbs.

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