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    soggy dog audio, was brilliant, now the JBL amp just!

    So I purchased the Soggy Dog Audio system for my 2004 GTX. It was absolutely fantastic for one weekend. The music was clear as a bell up to 60 mph. Then I lent my jetskis to my brother, who inadvertently allowed the battery to drain by leaving the amp on. Since then I have recharged the battery and am now getting a 12.95v reading directly from the battery. However the amp still won't come on. It just blinks the 3 blue lights and won't ever actually work. I checked the troubleshooting section of the manual and it says that if the lights blink, then the amp won't come on because it is getting less than 9v. I know that not to be the case though. Has anyone else ever had this issue? Does anyone have any idea what might be going on? Thanks for the help.

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    Double check all the connections (positive, ground. etc.) You may try using a set of jumper cables on the battery to see if the amp starts to work. Try unhooking the speakers to see if maybe one is blown..

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    Just my .02, in the future...dont let anyone use your stuff,it always costs YOU money,Tough love,tell him to buy his own ski.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sea-one View Post
    Just my .02, in the future...dont let anyone use your stuff,it always costs YOU money,Tough love,tell him to buy his own ski.
    +1 We have all had the stupid buddy that has "plenty of experience" but at the end of the day he still ends up f****** something up.

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    The JBL amp in my boat did that when I installed it. Check to see that your connections are rock solid. turn everything on (yes i said on) then remove and return the amp fuse. Make sure your RCA's and all other wire is still in good shape. Your power wire could be corroding,from moisture. Then, pay attention to this NO ONE anything that they can't leave cost of replacement money on the table as a deposit. Good Luck.

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    Mine did that. Turns out the amp connections got wet and the amp was fried. I have had my system for over a year. 2nd amp and going great.

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