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    Help!! pump is sucking air from somewhere. Where am I missing it?

    This is on my 97 spx. At idle its fine but as soon as you give it throttle it looses thrust and most often will bounce on the rev limiter until it planes out. after that it seems ok but its not as fast or responsive as my 97 xp.

    Ive replaced the ride plate and resealed it to the hull because the old one was cracked and I thought wasn't sealing against the hull. It doesn't seem to have too much clearance between the wear ring and impeller. Everything is stock on both my skis except I have ProX f/a and rossiers jet kits on both skis.

    The only other thing that's in front of the pump is the carbon seal but it doesn't leak water into the hull so I wouldn't think its leaking air? What am I missing?

    Did some more searching and it seems like the carbon seal is a common problem. But can those seals let air into the pump and still seal and keep water out of the hull??
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