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    2011 vx benifit from high octane fuel???

    I know that my Toyota Tacoma is rated to run on regular unleaded (87 Octane). This is because the ECU retards the time by use of the knock sensor when using the lower octane stuff. If you use 93 octane it will allow the timing to advance further and give you more HP and Torque. Does anyone know if it's the same on the VX series (sport, deluxe, cruise)? Will you get more power with 93 octane?

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    The Tacoma 4.0 is optimized to run on 93, it will run on 87 and is fine but you do see an increase on 93 because thats what is was designed to run on. Since the vx is design to run on 87 i don't think you would see any increase. But it can't hurt to try fill it up with 93 and gps it, see if you goes any faster but i don't think it would.

    Good luck

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    Engines make peak HP on the threshold of detonation. This is when fuel burn, flame propagation, and cylinder pressures are their highest.

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    No knock sensor on the will not get any more power running higher octane. However I believe that running slightly higher octane helps stop plug fouling issues when idling for long periods when cold........a common problem with the MR1.

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