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    Cheapest place for Triple fuel pump & carbs kits?

    Anyone know of a good cheap place to get a triple outlet fuel pump and genuine carb rebuild kits?

    Also what all parts do i need to complete the fuel pump swap? a parts list would be great.

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    Contact john zigler

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    I will go on the assumption its a 750sl and go from there.

    1 Mikuni Triple out let fuel pump 35.00
    21 feet of fuel line
    2 gas filters
    1 oil filter
    find the restrictor and keep it for the new line, its on the return line near the carb rail
    ditch the auto cock. that lil blue fuel pump looking thing.
    tie-wrap, stainless steel clamps or otieker clamp with crimping too. your choice
    A new o-ring for the fuel selector
    a new float for the gas tank sender
    replace gas lines in tank cut according to length!
    check cap on fuel seperator, clean screen and empty it, add 2-stroke oil/gas mix to it when refilling.
    Check gas cap on tank for cracking
    new plugs
    check jet sizes on mains and pilot and write them down
    check needles and seats for wear.
    make sure you can see thru the jets with a light
    blow out passages with compressed air or carb clean till clean.
    install new diaphrams on back of carbs
    take off blue caps on high speed screws when adjusting needles to spec.
    use a stubby wrench to get off the carb nuts
    dont take off the manifoldm just the carbs
    dont snap the oil pump keeper. its nylon and slips off to one side to release
    remember orientation of oil pump rod. it could go on 4 different way and only 1 way is correct.
    repalce oil lines from pump with special 3mm id and 7mm od line only.
    Use Beerdarts diagram to install pump. follow it exactly
    ask questions if needed.
    new carb to manifold gaskets if they break. watch when removing carbs up n away that the gaskets arent sticking as they come up with the rack.
    set low speed adjusters and high speed adjusters to factory specs.
    2 plugs for the carb rail as per beerdarts diagram
    make sure weighted screens are on the gas lines in the tank if so equipped.

    make sure the lines are not curling up on ya either..

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