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    Overall best current PWC musclecraft for performance

    Just wondering what your opinions are on the best overall pwc musclecraft for performance is currently in terms of capability, easyness to mod, and best bang for the buck?

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    A lot of different arguments to be made here. Assuming we're talking new...

    Ocean/Off Shore - Pretty safe to say Kawa 300x
    Lake/Glass - SeaDoo RXP-X or RXT-X or Yamaha FZR/FZS

    Looks like people have the highest outright speeds in the modded FZR's but outside of that I think it's a toss based on what exactly you're looking for and where you will be riding. It seems you can find the best deals on the 300x and all the reports are saying handling is much better on these than the 250z/260x, SeaDoo has the iControl features and great handling and decent speed potential, and Yamaha FZR/FZS has great handling and speed potential.

    I think it's just too broad of a question to say any which one of these is the best, they all have their strong suits and people use them differently. They also all have their quirks and issues, but I'd say those are the major players out right now.

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    +1 this is an ongoing arguement on every thread and this was the right place for it and I am glad to see actually the correct answer without bashing one brand or another just because of personal preferance. Today there are 3 great brands each with their own great product. Each have their good points and each have their downfalls. Just as Done Deal stated the only true way to decide which craft is the best depends only on you. Your type of normal waters ridden and the features you are looking for.
    Good luck with your shopping.

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    Three great brands??

    As stated it all depends on where and what your riding desires are. Me I love to throw around the good old triple pipe two smoke for a hour or so. Then the GPRXP for the long rides 100+ miles and still click off 80+ on the way back. Or the three seat comfort of the MSX in the ocean.. Its all personal preference. No one brand fits the bill for all riding styles and conditions they all shine in there element.

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    Really tough question to answer. Your not gonna go wrong with Yamaha, Sea doo or Kawasaki. They all make several different units that are capable of several different situations. For instance, if you can still find one, Yamaha just came out with a new VXR... Best "bang for your buck" by a long shot, you get over 1800cc, top speed out of the box of 67, and you can get one at most dealerships for around 10,500. However, this machine is not very capable in rough water, it is very, very light. In rough water you'd prob be best off with the knew Kawasaki 300, one of the big Sea doos or an FZR.

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    How about a cost comparison on the cost to get to 80+ mph in a reliable ski ? The Sea Doo RXP while supercharged generally needs to be the Stg. III plus a good supercharger. Looks like from just a casual scan over the Yamaha side it is probably cheaper to run that platform.
    While both have their fair share of supercharger issues, seems the Sea Doo side if pretty much corrected with the Riva or Rotax Racing clutch washers and the '08 and newer shaft kits. Looks like the Yamaha side is still in search of the best solution for the higher output superchargers. Also, not looking for turbo conversions.

    Not interested in an all out debate on which is better Sea Doo or Yamaha, but what can do it cheaper and without having to work on it nonstop. I have not mentioned Kawasaki as I could not find anything for the 300X as of now to get them to those speeds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buck3yeRideR View Post
    Just wondering what your opinions are on the best overall pwc musclecraft for performance is currently in terms of capability, easyness to mod, and best bang for the buck?
    Best bang for the buck? I had to make this decision not long ago, and I will still have to put the Yamaha FZ series at the top of the list; there are a lot of left-over units sitting on dealer's lots right now in the $10K range. Proven track record with a massive, non-stressed 1812 cc power plant. That's a lot of power and reliability for that price; combine it with a 5 year warranty and they are hard to beat. Plus, they respond very well to even minor mods.

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    Interesting debate. I know nothing about the new 4-stroke technology as far as reliability is concerned. I have had two 2-seater Polaris 1050's for 10 years now and had almost no problems until now. This is to be expected I guess since I have basically done nothing but push the start button for that length of time. I know, stupid of me not to perform the normal maintenance so for them to last this long is incredible. Knowledge with the years of owning them has certainly paid off and I've definitely gotten better on taking care of these things. With the 2-smokes gone after this year, I have started looking at the 4-strokes and I see I'll keep repairing my 2-smokes with the outrageous price tags on a 4-stroke. Turn-key reliability for years is what I'd be interested in as a stock boat. With Sea doo, you have the closed looped system that just needs changing however often. This sounds better as to not allow corrosion to build in the system like an open loop system would. Although not sure how long the superchargers last. Yamaha and Kawi both have that open loop system and a supercharger. Which brand superchargers are more reliable? Again, just curious to a reliable (Many years) watercraft. I know there are those that have brand favorites but is there any evidence of a "Better" watercraft?

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