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    low fuel light stays on!!

    GSX 787 ski sat for almost 2 years with fried starter put new brushes in the starter ski starts and runs fine. would putting fuel stabalizer cause this low fuel light and no bars all the time? any help would be helpful. Thank you!

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    The float in the fuel pickup tube has stopped floating. You can remove the pickup tube and buy a new float the problem with the GSX model is you have to remove the handlebar assembly in order to pull the fuel baffle out of the tank.

    Don't disconnect everything on the bars just remove the four bolts and lay the handle bar assembly off to the side then you can reach through the hole in the hull to remove the pickup tube.

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    A fuse blew or the fuel pick up tube bottom came off and the float with the magnet came out or the magnet came off the float. But I think that was the older skis that had that problem. Or the fuel circuit broad is fried. The low fuel light wouldn't be on if the plug was disconnected .Since the low light is on. Look in the fuel tank at the bottom for the pick up tube end cap and the float. fish them out and put back together in the pick up tube. If not that check fuse in the Grey boxes. If not that the fuel circuit board is most likely burn out.

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    cool thanks alot wont be able to check it till this weekend let u know how it goes.

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