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    '89 650sx starter problem

    i'm having a problem with my starter turning the motor over. i have a brand new battery fully charged and it turns the starter and engine over fine with no spark plugs in. when i put plugs back in and try starting the ski, it will turn for a second then proceed making a god-awful metal on metal banging noise. i pulled the starter and there seems to be nothing wrong with it other than the brushes are a little worn down, i don't know exactly how much because i haven't seen what new ones look like. i talked to a tech at the local kawasaki shop and he was saying it sounds like the starter is getting just enough power to turn the first couple times, but then retracting back, getting power again and trying to engage the ring gear, but losing power again and pulling back out, basically going in and out smacking the ring gear........does this sound like a problem any of you guys have come across or fixed before? i'd really like to know if thats the case before i fork a bunch of money over to rebuild the starter. if you need to see pictures of the brushes i could put a picture up just let me know. thanks in advance

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    still lookin for some help if anyone has any ideas..................

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