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    2 inch spacer or not

    has anybody tested which setup is better or faster with the 05 pump with or without the 2 inch spacer at the rear

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    Good question.

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    GPR'S 2 inch spašer or not

    On closecourse rašing at the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP Rius or even Teddy Pons don't use the 2 inch spašer.Quicker 0 to 72mph-max top speed gpr's on CC. also the other's gpr's rašer's,prefer better hook up and the boat on the water than top speed, not an issue,they tested,but don't raše it.
    On enduranše or Offshore rašes we've seen the opposite, have seen the top raše gpr's with the two inch spašer.
    From my knowledged the 2 inch spašer help's to keep the nose down on very rought water condition,jumping wave to wave boat more straight on,not jumping to the sky,and also a good hook up,with the stock yamaha four impellor blade
    Would like to hear more opinions to share information,that's what we all need "Member's of the green hulk 5 star's forum".
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    Pretty sure Kerry uses the 2 inch spacer on all the skis he prepares. (which you can assume with his set-up it has a higher top speed)

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    I am pretty sure that alot of the fast guys in the country who had 1200s
    are running the short shaft.

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    Is it safe to assume that for smooth water grudge racing, you can get a higher pitched plate on, without the 2" spacer???

    I've seen exactly the results you speak of. I have one of my skis so that I can swap back and forth. Personally, I like the solid feel of the 2" spacer.

    I'd add that without the 2" spacer, the ski turns harder. I think the added pump length affects sponson placement.

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