i know theres a thread somewhere about this topic. but i dont know where it is and my computer has been down for 10 f'ing days!!! anyway i paid a shop 300 bucks to clean the screens on one of my xp's. then i replaced the fuel lines on both xp's and went out to ride 2 weekends ago and the other ski started doin the same surging at WOT that the other did. so since ive been off work for 6 weeks now i decided that im gonna do this myself. not hard at all. as a matter of fact the dude that did the first ski freakin ripped me off. i mean $300!at $75/ hr. thats 4 hours! for a decent technician thats a 1 1/2 hour job, max. i know for a fact that i could do it again in under 2 hours.further more that dude was gonna charge me $350 but one of my buddies knows him well and told him to give me the murphey discount. i dont mind paying for good work. i get paid well for what i do, but i dont like to get ripped off! after i took the carbs off i took them to the dude and he at least showed me what to do to clean em out.hell, he wanted $150 just to do that! i guess when its the only place in town they got ya by the short and curlys