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    '94 SL 650 Cooling Question

    Hello All,

    I am working down my "To-Do" list to restore my "New" 1994 SL 650. It's been sitting in a shop, with oiled cylinders, for 9 years and is actually in pretty nice shape. I've recorded all the fuel sugestions and am doing them as $$ allows. I water tested it last weekend with less than satisfactory results that I won't bore you with at this time. I cut some corners due to my funds available and needless to say, I'm sure there-in lie my problems.

    So, I'm kinda starting over to re-address some skipped steps and I thought I should also check out the cooling system components as best I can too.

    Now, please forgive my ignorance here, but for the life of me I cannot seem to figure out how my engine pumps water through itself ?? I've looked at the exploded parts view and see nothing actually referred to as a "Water Pump" ? Does it all happen simply by using pressures and vacuums associated with my exhaust? I mean, how does this thing actually pull water out of the ocean and force it through my engine?

    Again, sorry for my ignorance here, but I want to check my cooling system as best I can and understanding how it works will certainly help me I'm sure.

    Thanks for your time and interest in advance,

    Jeff Galloway

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    If you look in the very back of your ski where the water comes out of the nozzle in the rear(not the steering nozzle but just ahead of that) in the stationary part, you'll see a small screen on the right hand side of it. The pressure going through that nozzle forces water into that screen and is transfered up through to that tube that runs along side that nozzle and through the rest of the system, through the engine and exhaust and then back out through the exhaust.

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    Additional info please

    First, thanks for taking the time to answer,

    I appreciate that clarification and that makes sense to me. Can I assume then, that even at an idle, there should be enough water pressure generated to still force water thru the engine. And if so, is there a way for me to physically confirm that water is being circulated throughout the system? What I mean is, while it's tied off to a dock piling and in the water idling, is there a fitting or a connection near the end of the cooling circuit that I could loosen and physically see for sure I am getting complete and thorough circulation? Or do I simply raise the rear a bit over the water line, leaving the pump submerged, and look for water escaping? And from where exactly, and how much volume should be coming out?

    Another question, is there anything to stop me from putting an aftermarket temperature gauge in my dash? And if not, should I also put some sort of an interrupter switch in the positive power to turn of power to it when the ski is not used to protect the battery charge? And finally, would I screw my new temp sender into the water outlet manifold where the Thermo Switch is, or do I install it in the Exhaust Pipe where the Temp Switch is?

    And finally, I read somewhere a mention of removing the thermostat completely. That sounds real tempting to me, especially if it's an approved method of eliminating future possible overheating problems. Would I then run the risk of actually running the engine too cool?

    Again, I really appreciate your input on all this

    Jeff Galloway

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    You can trace the water exit hose, which I think connects to a plastic fitting in the top of the jet pump tunnel cavity, visible from inside the hull. If you disconnect that hose and start the engine you should see water flowing out the hose end.

    Be careful that you don't sink the ski since you have a disconnected hull fitting just above the waterline.

    It is too late tonight for me to go look it up, but there may have been a service bulletin or two regarding the cooling system on the 1994 engines. Check my signature links for some info.

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