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    French HX 720cc for JETCROSS TOUR !

    new paint:

    rear hood in carbon:

    front hood in carbon:

    special sponsons mono-bloc:

    UMI steering in black anodization, STARBAR handlebar, red finger throttle....

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    the lower deck all in R&D (plate, intake, nozzles....)

    special seat cover:

    Hydrolic trim system "home made"

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    the engine:

    Pistons WISECO (diam 84mm)
    new sleeves
    surfacing the cylinders of 1,4mm
    new shim gasket of 1,4mm
    porting cranckcase "home made"
    Crankshaft welded and balanced
    R&D manifold
    Carbs MIKUNI 46
    external fuel pump Mikuni
    Pro-lock air filter R&D
    "special" rotary valve
    exhaust Factory Pipe + water injection MSD
    Ignition stock + rev limiter + coil NGK Racing

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    new decals "Team JETBIKE" ....

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    ENJOY !!!

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    home of the dislexic fingers breon's Avatar
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    really nice..especially the atension to the detail..

    cant wait until i have all the fab done and can make mine look good...

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    awesome ski, you make or where you get the carbon items? any more info on the home made hydraulic trim system? pics too? what pump are you running?

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    all the carbon parts are "home made".
    my hydraulic trim system is made with a hydraulic clutch system conversion for Pit-bike.
    my pump is an original seadoo but alu+bronze with a special porting and machining "home made"

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