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    Polaris SL750 Oil Pump Removal/Blockoff Installation

    How do I get to the oil pump without taking the motor out? Is it possible? I found that its under the carburetors but i cant see it. Do i need to take the carburetors off? I'm new to working on these things and would love to see pictures if anybody has any. Any help is good, thanks.

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    nevermind i got it but has anybody had problems stripping the allen head bolts while taking it out, i got one out fine but the second one (the one behind the throttle cable attached to the carburetors) started getting loose so i stopped because i didnt wanna strip it. If i strip that bolt, is that really bad? haha what should i do, anybody know any tricks?

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    Have the carburetors been removed and rebuilt recently?

    If not, now might be the time to do it. Really is much easier to work on the Fuji oil pump when the carbs and intake manifold are not in your way.

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