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    Second battery mounting and wiring experts?

    I found a great deal on a brand new Odyssey battery and wanting to wire it up as a

    second battery in the ski for the "just in case".

    I was thinking of mounting it in the location where the secondary water box used to

    be since that space is empty. would that be the best location, or is there

    somewhere better I am missing?

    Also the way I want to wire it is on a switch like an emergency battery. Say if my

    main battery dies I can just switch to the odyssey and start the ski. Can anyone

    provide me with a wiring scheme of how to properly achieve that??

    Thanks for the help

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    Yes, that is best place for 2nd battery, and it rebalances ski.

    The problem with hard wire 2 battery selector switch (like a Perko) is its not waterproof. On 250, I therefore used 2nd batt to power 2nd bilge and power outlet, had pre-wired jump cables in case I needed them. Of course, I had a few power failures but only before I installed 2nd batt. Once I had back up, the primary never failed again. Its like always carrying an umbrella to make sure it never rains!

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    Also interested in this as well for my sound system. Any DIY's to read through and look at pictures?

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    i never ran a 2nd batt with my sound system. odyssey was fine

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    I am making a new mount for my primary battery ill put pics up when its done.


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    Did you guys successfully install a second batt? Any pics and tips would be great... mounting, wiring, etc

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